Monday, 21 November 2011

The Holy Grial of Polish

One of the many good things about living in Australia is the easy and CHEAP access to OZOTIC polishes! YYYYAAAAYYY. Bought on Wed, arrived on Monday (today) the next week. Altogether this polish coat me $21, including shipping. Considering a standard OPI polish from DJ's or Petra is $20, I'd say this is good bang for you buck! I purchased mine from piCture pOlish. Both companies, piCture pOlish and Ozotic are Australian owned. I feel I have the right to blab (and brag) on because I have about 10 pictures of this multichrome heaven. It's honestly the best polish I own. If everyone knew about Ozotic and their incredible multichromes, no one would care about Clarins 230, dubbed Unicorn Pee. ONTO PICTURES!

This little baby is Ozotic 505 or, as it's affectionately known amongst the fans, Eclipse. 505 has a forest green base that shifts from blue to purple to orange and red. IT IS MAGNIFICANT! This is one coat of 505 over two coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather.
Indirect sunlight. The green is the main colour.

This was taken indoors. Again with just one coat on 505 but you can really see the multichromatic shifts.

 After this photo, I decide to add another layer of 505.

Comparing this photo to the last, you can really see the difference the second coat of 505 makes.


It's a lot fuller with a second coat and doesn't have a black undertone. Which I did like, but c'mon, I don't care about black at the moment!

These were all taken inside. In indirect light the multichrome pigment sort of blends together as a opposite to the sunlight or flash where you can see the micro-pigmentations. Either way, it's just gorgeous. Ozotic, you are FAST becoming of my favourite brands. And when I get paid next week I am most definitely buying a Mish Mash (a holographic multichrome, *salvates*)!

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