Sunday, 6 November 2011


So this is tricky mani to capture, even more so with my pathetic excuse of a camera! I started with Zoya Arrej from the Summertime collection. I have to say, I love this collection. I know they aren't very original in terms of colour and I don't understand why there are two near identical reds but I really love it. So summery. I'll probably end up buy the whole collect next big pay check. Anyway, this is Zoya Areej with OPI Pink Shatter on top. Here are the photos.

It looks crap in these photos, but I assure you it's beautiful. I don't much like shatter anymore. Too busy and too, let's face it, done to death. But I found this subtle and Areej made for a great base under Pink Shatter which is fairly translucent.

Enjoy. Again, so sorry about the terrible photos!

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