Monday, 27 February 2012

My Favourite Red.

This ladies and well... ladies; because what gentlemans do we know that is so obsessed with nail polish to read blogs about it, am I right? This is my all time favourite red. I didn't think anything could top OPI From A to Zurich but Zoya Sooki did, and by far! I am a HUGE fan of red. I have more red lipstick than anyone and will swear to anyone to contradict that they are all different. So let me show you...

This is Zoya Sooki, my new best friend. I've her almost 4 time now and I've only had her for about a month.
 I'm not sure what happened to these photos here because they make the nail polish look greasy and almost rough. I assure you that this polish is smooth and glossy.

Now that's better! This colour is more accurate too. It's so beautiful. I feel classy and sexy with this on. It's definitely a Marilyn Monroe red. I just love it.
This was 3 coats of Sooki, coverage was great but I knew I was taking photos and I could see the slightest VNL so I added a 3rd coat. I just love this polish, come to think of it I love that whole Zoya Summertime 2011 collection. Some very nice cremes in that collection.

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Dotting Tool.

Sarah from Chalkboard Nails has a fabulous competition at the moment. To enter you have to produce nail art using the dotting tool. Now I don't have a dotting tool yet, so I used a trusty bobby pin.

The colours I used are, from left to right, Zoya Sooki, China Glaze Peachy Keen, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, Orly Lucky Duck, Zoya Breezi and OPI Alpine Snow as the white. I pretty much started with a my basecoat of CND Stickey then dotted the colour onto my nails. I built up the polish by alternating the coloured dots and the white dots, I then added a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust to give it a bit of sparkle-sparkle.

I am not super happy with this because it didn't look as layered as I wanted, for example my pointer looks like I've painted on Peachy Keen from the brush and then added white dots, which I didn't. But I still like it. It's a different approach to the skittle mani. It really makes me want to go out and get a dotting tool. When I have monies that is.

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Monday, 13 February 2012


I have Orly Fowl Play on my nails. Unfortunately the sides of my middle nail kees breaking! Boohoo! I have to say I am quite proud of myself. My nails have never been healthier or longer, even though they newbie nub, I quite like them. Back to Fowl Play. This is THIRD time I have bought this polish. first two times, it didn't arrive and I got refunded. How frustrating right?!? Well i have this pretty on my nails FINALLY!

 Oh my god, there is just so much going on here. Silver micro glitter with bue micro flakes and orange to green colour shifting flakies all in a dark purple jelly base. What a polish! Honestly Orly, you guys are my hero.
 You can see the colour shift in these photos here. It's beautiful.

I have been dying for this colour for over two months, and I was starting to think I'd never get it. So I am super hay that it is here. I feel like OPI and China Glaze need to take a leaf out of Orly's book and make some more combination polishes like this. I'm a little sick of the generic glitters ofter being severely disappointed by the Muppet collection glitter. And I know what you are thinking, Orly is a big fat dupe for OPI Merry Midnight. But was release 2 years ago and it's HTF, as with all the good OPI's. I want the good stuff now!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Best Green I Own.

So before we start I have to tell you. I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday. OMG, that was NOT fun. I went to the hospital; they put me under, cut me open and put 4 teeth out. It's so uncomfortable now. I just want a burger now, and I won't able to eat solids for a few weeks now. Booohoo. Alright I'll stop complaining.

I have been in LOVE with this nail polish since I first saw it. I finally bought it, it finally came and now I am finally wearing it. Well, actually, this is the third time in the last week I've worn it. Yes, that is how much I love it. I present to you... Holiday Splendor by Colour Club. This is also the only Colour Club I own. I need to get more.

This is three coats of HS. You can get away with two coats but there is a little VNL. It's so beautiful though. A jade green jelly with PACKED with holographic glitter. What stunner.

These photo are taken inside, and they are lot bluer than the polish actually is. But the next photo are taken out side and really show of the green of the jelly.

Honestly, I think this one of my favourite nail polishes that I own. It's so sparkly without being too over the top, I thank the jelly base for that. I wish the whole Beyond the Mistletoe collection would have a colourful jelly base and not just coloured glitter with holo bits. This makes for a much more interesting polish, I believe anyway. Do have to say that I've had to put a lot of thinner in this polish. It is very thick. No biggie though. The colours of the polish really make up for it.

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Sunday, 5 February 2012


I had been eying this polish of at my local wholesaler, that and Royal Velvet which I showed you a few days ago. It's weird my local store has the Holiday Soireé collection from Orly but not the Birds of a Feather, or Mineral XF which I'm not complaining about because I hate foils. But as you know, I want my Fowl Play! Anyway I picked up Orly Androgynie. It's so beautiful in the bottle. I know people were especially disappointed with this polish because it so pretty in the bottle and average on the nail. I swatched it first on a nail wheel and realised that if inverted the bottle for about 10 mins (what a drainer, right?) the glitter comes out more.
 It's quite a nice polish. There is a lot going on. A black jelly with brown micro glitter and holo glitter as well as  big iridescent blue, yellow and jade hexagon glitter. Phew!
 The black jelly does cover the glitter which is a damn shame but if you can maneuver the glitter it turns out lovely.

 I really like different variations of black polish. And this is pretty original one. I really loved wearing it.

I found this photo of my little Dwightie on camera that I had to upload. He is a 1 and half year old toy Poodle, and the friggen cutest thing ever. He has so much personality. Best little doggie ever, I love him to pieces.

This is his new favourite spot. Under my brother desk. He like confined spaces. How cute is that!

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Orly Appreciation Post

Sorry for non posting. I have feel very uninspired and to top that off I have worn all my nails polish a dozen times. So I felt like I had nothing to blog about. My Zoyas and Orlys came in yesterday which I am so excited about. I bought half the Zoya Summertime collection, which is about 6 months old. But I just LOOOVVE the colours, especially Sooki. I also bought Orly Fowl Play and Sea Gurl, thinking Sea Gurl was Nite Owl when I bought it but realised a week ago that it isn't colour that I want. Sea Gurl is still nice though. However, the most irritating thing is that Fowl Play didn't come! They sold out, but it's still on their site saying it available! GRRR! This is the second time I've tried to buy Fowl Play and I wait 2 weeks for my package to come and then I'm disappointed to see no Fowl Play. So I bought it off eBay this time. Rant OVER! Hahaha.

I was reading a blog the other day, I can't remember whose, but they said that they found Orly colours boring. I quite like Orly. In the last couple of collections they has added a few gems in their lines, can you say Fowl Play? I also really like how the bottles are big. And I think their brushes are spot on. Sometimes I find OPI too wide but I like the length of the brush and lid. I find Zoya I little harder to handle because the brush length and lid is so small.  Orlys brushes are great. So now I am going to show you Orly Royal Velvet.
 Royal Velvet is a gorgeous multichrome shifting from a dark cobalt  to a dark blackcurrent-y purple. Really specific right?  It's definitely not you're average multichrome.
 This is Royal Velvet taken inside, you can see the particles blend more into each other.

 This is now taken out in the sun and the blue stands out a lot more, it's very beautiful.

I love this colour very much. It's a different kind of purple-blue multichrome. I used three coats for this or though I could get away with just two coats because the coverage is nice too. I like that Orly comes out with colours like this, I don't think they get enough recognition for their originality