Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Most Wearable Silver Holo

By wearable I don't mean "Hey I'm going to wear this to my fluorescent lit conservative office work place".  No, I mean that this holo doesn't require any special base coat, it takes any topcoat without dulling and it barely chips! This is 3 coats Ozotic 509.

In overcast.

In sunlight.

I wore this for about two days, which I know doesn't seem like much but part of the reason I change my nails every day is because they chip really easily. These photo were taken on the second day and as you can see, barely any tip wear or chips! I'm glad I got this colour before it was discounted. I also have Nfu Oh 61 which is so vibrant but is so hard to work with and chips pretty much as soon as it dries.

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Quick! Take a photo before the sun hides behind the clouds!

It was kind of a bad time for me to buy all the Ozotics I wanted. Which majority of them are holos. It's been really dull over the last couple of weeks, barely any sun.  So today, the sun has been hiding in and out of the clouds. And for this manicure it is a MUST for the sun. This my gray scale gradient holo manicure! Man I love gradient manicures.

In overcast.

I used a Base of Ozotic 590 and sponged on 59 with Layla Flash Black (which I don't think sponges well, I think the  holo turned a little scattered when sponged) and then Ozotic 526.

 In sunlight.

I think this a good way to wear holos in winter. Some holos look butt ugly without sunlight for direct light, but gradients always look good (if you do them right!).

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Monday, 18 June 2012


My two favourite types of polish. Red and Holo. Oh my GAWD! This is Ozotic 518. This is part of Ozotic 500 series that is getting discontinued. Which sucks balls! But I'm happy because I've bought every polish that was on my wishlist!

It's just gorgeous. It looks a little metallic, which I don't love but who cares. RED HOLO!

ETA: I'm also going to the Gaga concrret a week from Wednesday (which is my b'day too) so I'm asking for ideas and inspiration as too what I should do my nails as!

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

A "It's late and I'm not tired so I'll procrastinate sleeping" blog.

ETA: I was suppose to post this last night but got distracted by make up videos.

And I have work tomorrow. Booo. But I had today off. Quick story about this polish. I was wearing Up Colours Azul Disco, which is the baby blue scatter holo, and a lady in the store ask me if it was the Layla Holographic, the colour Ocean Rush she was referring to, nail polish and I nearly laughed at her and said, matter of factly, "No, No this Up Colours" and I whipped out my phone and show her the difference between what I was wearing and the Layla polishes (for those of you who don't know Up Colour holos are more scatter than linear) and it made the Layla holographic look that much more impressive.

Oh and a bit of context. My phone is a piece of shit so I swatch all my favourite colours over it. So that's how I showed the shopkeeper. Hahahaa! (And I'll show you the Up Colours polish soon, it's quite pretty)

Onto to photos. Here in Layla Ocean Rush.

Here is a blurry one. I took this with flash so I could show you the holographic effect however because my camera is a piece of crappy crap it wouldn't focus. But it this does you an idea of how holo it gets

The last photo were taken outside. Ocean Rush has a very deep colour to it. So, unlike Flash Black, it wasn't as holo. Flash Black had the holographic sparkle in just about every light. Ocean Rush, not so much (see what I did there?).

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

I'm a Proud Cultie!

One thing you guys probably don't know about me is that I love love LOVE Cult Nails. I think Maria is so sophisticated and fashion sassy, and I am so jealous that she live in Florida where the weather is always warm. Plus she also live in Melbourne, only the other Melbourne half way across the world hahahaa! Anyway, when they had the 2nd $5 sale I jumped on Nevermore. Nevermore OMG NEVERMORE! What an amazing black! One coater, flawless formula. Nevermore, I am in love. 

This is one coat of Nevermore NO TOPCOAT! Omg look at that shine! You can see me taking the photo in my middle finger, that's how glossy the polish is! I was so impressed with this polish that I wore is as a black manicure with no layering or anything! I have to say too, I felt really spoiled because I did buy Wet n Wild Black Creme which is a great one coater but just an awful formula and brush for that matter. That polish is such a chore and Nevermore was just a breeze! And let me tell you it Wet n Wild's did not have this kind of shine to it, that polish needs a topcoat. Nevermore doesn't!

I have to show you this too. The little polish burritos. They were so cute I had to take a photo!

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Friday, 8 June 2012

How Great Are Gradients?

I'm so glad that gradients are the in thing at the moment, better than Caviar Manicures (especially Ciate Caviar). I was feeling in the mood for some blue. 

I started with a milky/jelly white franken I made myself, but I'm sure something like OPI Don't touch my Tutu would work too. I then added a coat of Seche Vite and sponged on my white franken, then China Glaze Electric Beat, Zoya Breezi and at the tips Revlon Royal.

I went shopping with these nails, I have to say I got sooOOOOOooo many compliments about them. One girl asked if I was a nail technician after I told her I did it myself. I told her that's how easy it is, that an amateur like me can do it hahaha!

As you can see I am still having the problem with breaking on my corners. It's driving me insane! Just as one nail grows and squares off another one breaks and another until I'm forced to cull down the length on the rest. It won't ever happen to my pinkies, so they are much longer than the rest of my nails. I am currently using Sally Hanson Diamond Strength, which I feel has made a different. But maybe I'll try OPI Nail Envy, I've heard such good things about that. Anyone got any good suggestions?

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Most Holo-ed Holo of All the Holos.

Omggg I almost peed my pants when I got my hands on these. Never mind that I spent $40 on only TWO nail polishes. On Monday I was shopping in Chadstone Shopping Centre (fashion capital of Melbourne) and since I live literally on the other side of Melbourne, I rarely go there. For those of you who don't know, Chadstone is very special place. It has Myers, David Jones, Chanel, Burberry, Tiff and Co. and Louis Vutton etc. Omg the fun I had! I am definitely going back next week after I get paid. Well, there in Hairhouse Warehouse was the Layla Hologram Effect nail polish! OMG so excited, I was! I got both Ocean Rush (which is what I am wearing today) and Flash Black (which is what I will be showing you). I should add some context in that about 90% of my nail polish is bought online. I can only really find OPI and China Glaze in stores, and to find a holographic nail polish just lazily sitting there in a normal shop is beyond exciting for me!

So without further ado, or do you want some more ado? I have plenty to talk about. No, let's just polish.
So this is 3 (I think) coats Flash Black and a coat of Seche Vite, which is my opinion doesn't dull the effect much. There is a little bit of dulling but it not like NFU Oh holos where you add the topcoat to the liner holo and it turn into a scatter holo. Now that's dulling! Now the catch about these photo are...

... They are taken inside, at about 4pm, IN OVERCAST!!! And they are still holo goodness! OMG How exciting is that!!! If you want to see how holo this actually get, check out Cathy's swatches at More Nail Polish (which is sure you already have 'cause she's awesome!) Also another tip I've learnt with holo's like this and the Nfu Ohs, because I don't have an Aqua Base or special Layla buffer, all you need to do it buff you nails really well making you nails shiny and smooth. That's when they apply the most vibrant (I think the Layla buff is just a stand buff with a fancy name).

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Post Every Man and His Dog Publishes

Yes, it's OPI Just Spotted the Lizard or Chanel Peridot or whatever the other yellow/green multichrome dupes are. I wasn't going to post this or take photos or even buy JStL because I don't love it in the photos. I definitely wasn't going to spend $50 on Peridot. But I have to say, and this is the only reason I am publishing this, is because this polish really surprised me. I actually enjoyed wearing this colour.

It such a polish I woud hate. I hate metallic shades. I hate gold. Omg I hate gold so much. But I really enjoyed wearing this colour I think it's because in the photos, you know, you don't see the colour shift much. But on the nail, it shifts to the gorgeous jade/turquoise colour that I really enjoyed looking at. I think the reason I don't hate it the gold either is because it's also a softer shade of gold not a yellow-y, brassy gold, it's muted. I like that. It's a very smooth polish. Like I said I quite enjoyed wearing it.

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