Saturday, 9 June 2012

I'm a Proud Cultie!

One thing you guys probably don't know about me is that I love love LOVE Cult Nails. I think Maria is so sophisticated and fashion sassy, and I am so jealous that she live in Florida where the weather is always warm. Plus she also live in Melbourne, only the other Melbourne half way across the world hahahaa! Anyway, when they had the 2nd $5 sale I jumped on Nevermore. Nevermore OMG NEVERMORE! What an amazing black! One coater, flawless formula. Nevermore, I am in love. 

This is one coat of Nevermore NO TOPCOAT! Omg look at that shine! You can see me taking the photo in my middle finger, that's how glossy the polish is! I was so impressed with this polish that I wore is as a black manicure with no layering or anything! I have to say too, I felt really spoiled because I did buy Wet n Wild Black Creme which is a great one coater but just an awful formula and brush for that matter. That polish is such a chore and Nevermore was just a breeze! And let me tell you it Wet n Wild's did not have this kind of shine to it, that polish needs a topcoat. Nevermore doesn't!

I have to show you this too. The little polish burritos. They were so cute I had to take a photo!

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