Monday, 18 June 2012


My two favourite types of polish. Red and Holo. Oh my GAWD! This is Ozotic 518. This is part of Ozotic 500 series that is getting discontinued. Which sucks balls! But I'm happy because I've bought every polish that was on my wishlist!

It's just gorgeous. It looks a little metallic, which I don't love but who cares. RED HOLO!

ETA: I'm also going to the Gaga concrret a week from Wednesday (which is my b'day too) so I'm asking for ideas and inspiration as too what I should do my nails as!

Currently Listening to: Missing by City and Colour


  1. I think this polish looks amazing! You have made me glad I bought this one (but haven't tried it yet!).
    Hmm..Lady Gaga, big time bling? Metallic studs on your nails? :)

    1. I'm glad you like it. Its a great layering polish too. I want to try it over a darker red! The outfit I am copying is red and leopard print so I'm thinking red and neutral leopard print... and a accent nail with studs. OMG That sounds amazing! hahahaa!

  2. OMG this is too beautiful for words!