Thursday, 14 June 2012

A "It's late and I'm not tired so I'll procrastinate sleeping" blog.

ETA: I was suppose to post this last night but got distracted by make up videos.

And I have work tomorrow. Booo. But I had today off. Quick story about this polish. I was wearing Up Colours Azul Disco, which is the baby blue scatter holo, and a lady in the store ask me if it was the Layla Holographic, the colour Ocean Rush she was referring to, nail polish and I nearly laughed at her and said, matter of factly, "No, No this Up Colours" and I whipped out my phone and show her the difference between what I was wearing and the Layla polishes (for those of you who don't know Up Colour holos are more scatter than linear) and it made the Layla holographic look that much more impressive.

Oh and a bit of context. My phone is a piece of shit so I swatch all my favourite colours over it. So that's how I showed the shopkeeper. Hahahaa! (And I'll show you the Up Colours polish soon, it's quite pretty)

Onto to photos. Here in Layla Ocean Rush.

Here is a blurry one. I took this with flash so I could show you the holographic effect however because my camera is a piece of crappy crap it wouldn't focus. But it this does you an idea of how holo it gets

The last photo were taken outside. Ocean Rush has a very deep colour to it. So, unlike Flash Black, it wasn't as holo. Flash Black had the holographic sparkle in just about every light. Ocean Rush, not so much (see what I did there?).

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