Monday, 25 June 2012

Quick! Take a photo before the sun hides behind the clouds!

It was kind of a bad time for me to buy all the Ozotics I wanted. Which majority of them are holos. It's been really dull over the last couple of weeks, barely any sun.  So today, the sun has been hiding in and out of the clouds. And for this manicure it is a MUST for the sun. This my gray scale gradient holo manicure! Man I love gradient manicures.

In overcast.

I used a Base of Ozotic 590 and sponged on 59 with Layla Flash Black (which I don't think sponges well, I think the  holo turned a little scattered when sponged) and then Ozotic 526.

 In sunlight.

I think this a good way to wear holos in winter. Some holos look butt ugly without sunlight for direct light, but gradients always look good (if you do them right!).

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's my favourite kind of manicure!

  2. Love it! Which gradient method do you prefer to use? It's ALWAYS a good time to buy any nail polish! :P

    1. Mostly the one from the Beauty Department where you paint the polish on a make up spinge from lightest to darkest. I knoooowww, I shouldn't complain about the polish purchasing. I should (and do!) complain about the weather!