Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Most Wearable Silver Holo

By wearable I don't mean "Hey I'm going to wear this to my fluorescent lit conservative office work place".  No, I mean that this holo doesn't require any special base coat, it takes any topcoat without dulling and it barely chips! This is 3 coats Ozotic 509.

In overcast.

In sunlight.

I wore this for about two days, which I know doesn't seem like much but part of the reason I change my nails every day is because they chip really easily. These photo were taken on the second day and as you can see, barely any tip wear or chips! I'm glad I got this colour before it was discounted. I also have Nfu Oh 61 which is so vibrant but is so hard to work with and chips pretty much as soon as it dries.

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  1. oh man... this should be arriving in my mail box by the end of the week, and seeing this has made me want it sooooooooo much more!