Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chucky Real Holo

Ever since I got rid of my Zoya Areej and Connect the Dots mani, my fingers don't feel to special anymore. Seriously Lynnderella, it's not fair that you make every other manicure look boring. I use to love cremes! Todays effect is an attempt to make my mani more lively. This is China Glaze LOL with Kleancolor Chucky Holo Purple. I thought I'd love this manicure. A holo base with multi-shifting glitter. But I just dont love it. 

 I wanted to mimic the colours in the  bottle. It's so beautiful in the bottle. But the Chucky Holo series is really sheer so you have to layer. And to me, it looks just that. A purple base and transparent polish with glitter in it. AWWWW! I just need to keep trying though.
 These last two were taken at about 5pm last night. Whereas the next photos are taken at 12pm today, which is why they have a little golden glow.

 I like how the manicure looks in this photo but I think the colours are too girly for me. I dunno!

 I went out in the sun to see if I could get the holo effect from LOL. I got a little.

Here you can barely see the Chucky Holo-ness. A nice manicure, but maybe not my thing. Wel,l I don't know what I should do as my next manicure. I have to take this off because I feel boring and safe with it on.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Black Scatter Holo

 The other day I bough China Glaze Wireless Holographic Topcoat. Has anyone heard of it? I hadn't until I saw it at my local wholesale store. I was extremely disappointed when I got home and tried it over my mani only to see it's not a linear holo topcoat. BOOOHOOOO! Especially considering I bough China Glaze Fairy Dust a week earlier, which looks super similar in the bottle. However now I realise they are ridiculously different and aren't even dupe cousins. Fairy Dust is different coloured mirco-glitter and this is an actual holo top coat. It does have a little linear effect to it, but for the most part is it a scatter holo. So onto the photos. 

 This is two coats Orly Goth with one coat of Wireless Holo Top Coat, what a shit name aye?
 These two  photos were taken inside and you can see a the holo a little.

 These photos were taken outside. They don't do it justice. The holo effect is a lot stronger in real life.

 This photo shows you how strong the effect is. My pinky (which is blurry) really shows how strong the holo really is in the sunlight.
As far as the holo goes. The topcoat as a holo top coat is a little disappointing. I was expecting a full liner  effect, considering I paid more for it than a normal China Glaze polish. But it is still wicked beautiful! Oh black holo, definitely a wonder of the nail polish world. Alas I'm going to have to get HITS Hefesto from my new favourite store Llarowe.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Connect the Dots.

I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEE this polish so much. This was a lemming for a good six months and I never thought I'd get my hands on it because Lynn doesn't ship outside the US. Thankfully, us international ladies have Llarowe. I tried this over Zoya Areej. Areej is a smooth smokey pink creme, a perfect base for Connect the Dots.

When I was wishing for this polish and stalking other sites to see their layring combination, I didn't really like the little shimmer that's in. I liked the stark contrasting look of the white and black glitter, and the white shimmer sort of took that away. But the shimmer looks more noticeable in the photos. It's very subtle in read life. I much like it on my fingertips. It's a perfect polish to spice up an old creme manicure.

Also Areej is one hard polish to capture. My camera makes this polish look very bubble gum pink, which is just not. Its a nice dark smokey magenta.

I have so many idea for CtD. I'm thinking a creme ombre with CtD layered over it, and a bright skittle mani and CtD. Oh! I need a light grey to under this now. The possibilities are endless. Thank you Lynnderella!

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Lynnderella's Arrived!

My very first Lynnderella post. I've wanted Snow Angel for agggggeeeessss. It's the most beautiful white ever! I bought this off Llarowe a week before Xmas and they arrived yesterday. Only took three weeks to here from USA, really quick considering I ordered it during the busiest time of year. So lets see shall we? This is 2 coats of Orly Au Champagne and one coat of Snow Angel.

 This is such a beautiful polish. It does, however, go on very lumpy. I used 2 coats of Seche Vite and its still very gritty. This polish is best layered over something else. I think it would take 3 or 4 coats to get full opacity, and like I said, this is lumpy polish. But look... its so PERFECT.
It's so frosty. I think the reason I love this polish so much is because it give a lot of depth to what is a shallow boring colour. It's just so pretty. (Please excuse my lobster fingers. I took these after coming home from a long walk.)
You know this was make a wonderful wedding day mani or pedi. I'll probs wear a bright red  to match my lipstick on my wedding day... in the very distant future. VERY DISTANT! Hahaha! My Kleancolour Chucky Holos arrived too. What do you want to see tomorrow? More Lynn or Chucky Holo Layers?

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Saturday, 7 January 2012


Yesterday my Ozotic's arrived!!! YAY! Ozotic are know for their outstanding multichromes and strong hlographics. But the person who said "I know, lets put both together!" was a bloody genius! This is Ozotic 531
 This indoors with the flash on. Check out how strong that holo is!

This was taken indoor without the flash. This shows you strong the multichromatic shift is!

The shift is manly from bronzey-copper to gold with a hint of green. But I can see some blue.

 The holo even come out while indoors.

 Multichrome and holo in that photo!

 Sorry for the terrible picture, but I had to add it to show you how strong this damn holo is!

 How that was pic heavy!This was taken in the sunshine. It so beautiful. I love holographic nail polish. I need to invest in more! I did try with the black as a base and while the colour was stronger, it was very messy. Until you are anal about where you apply the colour you can see the black at the edges and it just made it look dirty. And as you can see here you can get the same affect without the black as a base. I applied 3 coats here with no black base, and Sech Vite as a topcoat, which doesn't dull the holo effect. Ozotic I love you.

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Friday, 6 January 2012

Fairy Dust.

I went to my local wholesaler to buy Orly Au Champagne in anticipation for my Lynderella Snow Angel which should arrive next week. I also bought China Glaze Fairy Dust. It's a delicate holo glitter. Great for layering. I've always wanted a holo red so I tried it over China Glaze Poinsettia.
Definitely not a a linear holo but it has a nice sparkle to it. This is taken indoors.

Taken outside. I love it because the red is so stark, and I'm used to seeing pastel holo's.

I do however wish it would blend more in with the colour as a appose to just sitting on top of the polish. I think I'm going to invest in a holo topcoat. The Glitter Gal one looks good. I waiting on so many packages of nail polish to come. I'm waiting for three Lynderellas, thanks to Llarowe, Orly Fowl Play, and half the Chunky Holo collection from Kleancolour.