Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chucky Real Holo

Ever since I got rid of my Zoya Areej and Connect the Dots mani, my fingers don't feel to special anymore. Seriously Lynnderella, it's not fair that you make every other manicure look boring. I use to love cremes! Todays effect is an attempt to make my mani more lively. This is China Glaze LOL with Kleancolor Chucky Holo Purple. I thought I'd love this manicure. A holo base with multi-shifting glitter. But I just dont love it. 

 I wanted to mimic the colours in the  bottle. It's so beautiful in the bottle. But the Chucky Holo series is really sheer so you have to layer. And to me, it looks just that. A purple base and transparent polish with glitter in it. AWWWW! I just need to keep trying though.
 These last two were taken at about 5pm last night. Whereas the next photos are taken at 12pm today, which is why they have a little golden glow.

 I like how the manicure looks in this photo but I think the colours are too girly for me. I dunno!

 I went out in the sun to see if I could get the holo effect from LOL. I got a little.

Here you can barely see the Chucky Holo-ness. A nice manicure, but maybe not my thing. Wel,l I don't know what I should do as my next manicure. I have to take this off because I feel boring and safe with it on.

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