Sunday, 15 January 2012

Black Scatter Holo

 The other day I bough China Glaze Wireless Holographic Topcoat. Has anyone heard of it? I hadn't until I saw it at my local wholesale store. I was extremely disappointed when I got home and tried it over my mani only to see it's not a linear holo topcoat. BOOOHOOOO! Especially considering I bough China Glaze Fairy Dust a week earlier, which looks super similar in the bottle. However now I realise they are ridiculously different and aren't even dupe cousins. Fairy Dust is different coloured mirco-glitter and this is an actual holo top coat. It does have a little linear effect to it, but for the most part is it a scatter holo. So onto the photos. 

 This is two coats Orly Goth with one coat of Wireless Holo Top Coat, what a shit name aye?
 These two  photos were taken inside and you can see a the holo a little.

 These photos were taken outside. They don't do it justice. The holo effect is a lot stronger in real life.

 This photo shows you how strong the effect is. My pinky (which is blurry) really shows how strong the holo really is in the sunlight.
As far as the holo goes. The topcoat as a holo top coat is a little disappointing. I was expecting a full liner  effect, considering I paid more for it than a normal China Glaze polish. But it is still wicked beautiful! Oh black holo, definitely a wonder of the nail polish world. Alas I'm going to have to get HITS Hefesto from my new favourite store Llarowe.

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