Saturday, 7 January 2012


Yesterday my Ozotic's arrived!!! YAY! Ozotic are know for their outstanding multichromes and strong hlographics. But the person who said "I know, lets put both together!" was a bloody genius! This is Ozotic 531
 This indoors with the flash on. Check out how strong that holo is!

This was taken indoor without the flash. This shows you strong the multichromatic shift is!

The shift is manly from bronzey-copper to gold with a hint of green. But I can see some blue.

 The holo even come out while indoors.

 Multichrome and holo in that photo!

 Sorry for the terrible picture, but I had to add it to show you how strong this damn holo is!

 How that was pic heavy!This was taken in the sunshine. It so beautiful. I love holographic nail polish. I need to invest in more! I did try with the black as a base and while the colour was stronger, it was very messy. Until you are anal about where you apply the colour you can see the black at the edges and it just made it look dirty. And as you can see here you can get the same affect without the black as a base. I applied 3 coats here with no black base, and Sech Vite as a topcoat, which doesn't dull the holo effect. Ozotic I love you.

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