Thursday, 2 February 2012

Orly Appreciation Post

Sorry for non posting. I have feel very uninspired and to top that off I have worn all my nails polish a dozen times. So I felt like I had nothing to blog about. My Zoyas and Orlys came in yesterday which I am so excited about. I bought half the Zoya Summertime collection, which is about 6 months old. But I just LOOOVVE the colours, especially Sooki. I also bought Orly Fowl Play and Sea Gurl, thinking Sea Gurl was Nite Owl when I bought it but realised a week ago that it isn't colour that I want. Sea Gurl is still nice though. However, the most irritating thing is that Fowl Play didn't come! They sold out, but it's still on their site saying it available! GRRR! This is the second time I've tried to buy Fowl Play and I wait 2 weeks for my package to come and then I'm disappointed to see no Fowl Play. So I bought it off eBay this time. Rant OVER! Hahaha.

I was reading a blog the other day, I can't remember whose, but they said that they found Orly colours boring. I quite like Orly. In the last couple of collections they has added a few gems in their lines, can you say Fowl Play? I also really like how the bottles are big. And I think their brushes are spot on. Sometimes I find OPI too wide but I like the length of the brush and lid. I find Zoya I little harder to handle because the brush length and lid is so small.  Orlys brushes are great. So now I am going to show you Orly Royal Velvet.
 Royal Velvet is a gorgeous multichrome shifting from a dark cobalt  to a dark blackcurrent-y purple. Really specific right?  It's definitely not you're average multichrome.
 This is Royal Velvet taken inside, you can see the particles blend more into each other.

 This is now taken out in the sun and the blue stands out a lot more, it's very beautiful.

I love this colour very much. It's a different kind of purple-blue multichrome. I used three coats for this or though I could get away with just two coats because the coverage is nice too. I like that Orly comes out with colours like this, I don't think they get enough recognition for their originality

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