Monday, 27 February 2012

My Favourite Red.

This ladies and well... ladies; because what gentlemans do we know that is so obsessed with nail polish to read blogs about it, am I right? This is my all time favourite red. I didn't think anything could top OPI From A to Zurich but Zoya Sooki did, and by far! I am a HUGE fan of red. I have more red lipstick than anyone and will swear to anyone to contradict that they are all different. So let me show you...

This is Zoya Sooki, my new best friend. I've her almost 4 time now and I've only had her for about a month.
 I'm not sure what happened to these photos here because they make the nail polish look greasy and almost rough. I assure you that this polish is smooth and glossy.

Now that's better! This colour is more accurate too. It's so beautiful. I feel classy and sexy with this on. It's definitely a Marilyn Monroe red. I just love it.
This was 3 coats of Sooki, coverage was great but I knew I was taking photos and I could see the slightest VNL so I added a 3rd coat. I just love this polish, come to think of it I love that whole Zoya Summertime 2011 collection. Some very nice cremes in that collection.

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