Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Best Green I Own.

So before we start I have to tell you. I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday. OMG, that was NOT fun. I went to the hospital; they put me under, cut me open and put 4 teeth out. It's so uncomfortable now. I just want a burger now, and I won't able to eat solids for a few weeks now. Booohoo. Alright I'll stop complaining.

I have been in LOVE with this nail polish since I first saw it. I finally bought it, it finally came and now I am finally wearing it. Well, actually, this is the third time in the last week I've worn it. Yes, that is how much I love it. I present to you... Holiday Splendor by Colour Club. This is also the only Colour Club I own. I need to get more.

This is three coats of HS. You can get away with two coats but there is a little VNL. It's so beautiful though. A jade green jelly with PACKED with holographic glitter. What stunner.

These photo are taken inside, and they are lot bluer than the polish actually is. But the next photo are taken out side and really show of the green of the jelly.

Honestly, I think this one of my favourite nail polishes that I own. It's so sparkly without being too over the top, I thank the jelly base for that. I wish the whole Beyond the Mistletoe collection would have a colourful jelly base and not just coloured glitter with holo bits. This makes for a much more interesting polish, I believe anyway. Do have to say that I've had to put a lot of thinner in this polish. It is very thick. No biggie though. The colours of the polish really make up for it.

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