Sunday, 5 February 2012


I had been eying this polish of at my local wholesaler, that and Royal Velvet which I showed you a few days ago. It's weird my local store has the Holiday Soireé collection from Orly but not the Birds of a Feather, or Mineral XF which I'm not complaining about because I hate foils. But as you know, I want my Fowl Play! Anyway I picked up Orly Androgynie. It's so beautiful in the bottle. I know people were especially disappointed with this polish because it so pretty in the bottle and average on the nail. I swatched it first on a nail wheel and realised that if inverted the bottle for about 10 mins (what a drainer, right?) the glitter comes out more.
 It's quite a nice polish. There is a lot going on. A black jelly with brown micro glitter and holo glitter as well as  big iridescent blue, yellow and jade hexagon glitter. Phew!
 The black jelly does cover the glitter which is a damn shame but if you can maneuver the glitter it turns out lovely.

 I really like different variations of black polish. And this is pretty original one. I really loved wearing it.

I found this photo of my little Dwightie on camera that I had to upload. He is a 1 and half year old toy Poodle, and the friggen cutest thing ever. He has so much personality. Best little doggie ever, I love him to pieces.

This is his new favourite spot. Under my brother desk. He like confined spaces. How cute is that!

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