Sunday, 4 March 2012

Soundwave and Mermaids Scales.

Hey guys, this is going to be big post today because I am so bored and want to make this as long as possible to pass my boredom.

On Friday I went to Soundwave Festival. For those you who don't know, Soundwave is a giant metal, rock and punk festival that happens every year in all the major cities of Oz. I love it. I go every year. It's always heaps of fun and a great way to find out about awesome international bands. And I found a gem this year. They are called Kverlertak, a Norwegian band. They are a cool mix of rock and roll, punk and black metal. They really wail. They sing in Norwegian as well so I have no idea what they are saying, but apparently they sing lots about the Norse gods. I saw ton of other bands too: A Day To Remember, always good, letlive, Four Year Strong, Your Demise, Limp Bizikit who were surprisingly good, and System of a Down. I cannot tell you how amazing SOAD are as a live band. They're vocals are insane. It was great day and to mark it special I did a little skittle mani. Unfortunately I only took shitty quality photos of it, so I am sorry for that but I'm sure you get the idea.

I used nine colours and mixed colours for two nails (The green ones because I do't have much green). I also toped it off with Lynnderella Connect the Dots. T'was great, when I put my hand in the air in the mosh, the people behind me would get a face full of colour!

Anywho, onto the real reason I have this blog. I've had this idea for a while now. Ever since I saw Glitta Gloves post, I have wanted to recreate it somehow.  This is one coat of Orly Lucky Duck followed by a coat of Color Club Holiday Splendor and a coat of Kleancolor Chucky Holo Bluebell.

The Chucky Holo flakies are very subtle in these photo but they were more predominate IRL. And unfortunately, we have't had a sunny day since Friday so I wasn't able to take photos with the holo goodness that Holiday Splendor provides.
But it's nice a glow-y, right!?

I love how it has sort of a golden glow. To me, this manicure reminds me of a sunset reflecting on the waters of a tropical island.

Am I right? Aww man I so wanna go to Bora Bora now!

Currently Listening to: Mjod by Kverlertak


  1. I love your rainbow nails!! and your layering mani is really eye-catching

  2. I love both of these! I especially like the green layering combo.