Saturday, 31 March 2012

Elderberry Jam Sandwich

Hey guys, sorry I went a bit quiet. There are a few reason I haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks. The main being my glass file. I had this amazing glass file I bought for $20, expensive right?!? But it was worth every cents. But I sat on it 2 months ago and it broke. Boohoo. So I bought a Cutex one for $16. Let me tell you, it is the shitty-est glass file ever.

Exhibit A:
 Do you see the white lines at the top of the nail file? That where the grit has come off. Come off, you say? Isn't the glass file suppose to be cut gritty and that's why glass files are notorious for last long, you say? Yeah I'm so cut!
I can't file my nails with it. It's blunt too. didn't even last 2 months! So the shapes of my nails are way off. With a normal glass file, filing my nails perfectly. However, it taken me 5 separate try's to get them this shape. And because of that, I've lost quite a lot of length. Also both my middle fingers are bastards and broke on the side! GRRRRR!

Onto manicure! I have been experimenting with frankening for a few weeks now. And last night I wanted a dark purple jelly, because I don't have many jellies and I don't have any dark purple. So I'd like you to met Elderberry Jam.

It looks super dark in the bottle but one or two coats and it's this beautiful medium berry purple.

So I used 2 coats of Elderberry Jam to build opacity and then added a layer of OPI Teenage Dreams and then another layer of Elderberry Jam. I'm not sure why in this photo my pinky and ring finger look darker than the other two,  that's certainly not the case.

I love that you can still see the holographic effect of TD. It's still sparkles IRL. Lovvvvee!

Side note: Lippy Lucie nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award, which is really cool. It's nice to know people are interested in my nails and what I have to say, so thank you! You should check out her blog, she's got some great nail art happening over there.

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  1. that is so pretty! sorry to hear about your bad nail file though :(