Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Royal Multichrome.

I never understood the hype that Revlon Royal held. In photo's just wasn't my thing, but I was in Priceline (Aussie verison of Sally's) the other day and I saw it and thought why not! And oh my god, do I love it. It's super squishy and lovely. As as I type, I realise this I should have taken photos of it by itself. However I SLAPPED on some Ozotic 506 aka Reef. Ahh Ozotic multichromes. I am in love you. I want to take you out to dinner, give you my jacket when you are cold and take you home and have my way with you. LETS LOOK!

 These photos were taken in the sun. I feel that 506 gives a gorgeous purple shimmer to Royal

 And then you angle your nails and see a golden red, in true Ozotic style.

The next few photos were taken in the shade (or under my pergola).

Seriously look at that shift. AWW MY GOD! I love this combination. I am getting bored of layering multichromes over black, maybe because my black polishes are crap, so this is nice little change for me!

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