Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Post Every Man and His Dog Publishes

Yes, it's OPI Just Spotted the Lizard or Chanel Peridot or whatever the other yellow/green multichrome dupes are. I wasn't going to post this or take photos or even buy JStL because I don't love it in the photos. I definitely wasn't going to spend $50 on Peridot. But I have to say, and this is the only reason I am publishing this, is because this polish really surprised me. I actually enjoyed wearing this colour.

It such a polish I woud hate. I hate metallic shades. I hate gold. Omg I hate gold so much. But I really enjoyed wearing this colour I think it's because in the photos, you know, you don't see the colour shift much. But on the nail, it shifts to the gorgeous jade/turquoise colour that I really enjoyed looking at. I think the reason I don't hate it the gold either is because it's also a softer shade of gold not a yellow-y, brassy gold, it's muted. I like that. It's a very smooth polish. Like I said I quite enjoyed wearing it.

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  1. I know what you mean about this polish, I was never interested in Peridot because it didn't look like my kind of colour. But after seeing it on a few weeks ago for $15 I couldn't resist. I received it today and I was suprised at how much prettier it is in real life :)

    1. That exactly right! Glad I'm not the only one.