Monday, 28 May 2012


Hey, so a while back I promised an NFU Oh post. This is it. 

I'll give you some background on the relationship NFU Oh and I have. I have wanted one of these polishes for a good year. I think #51 was my very first lemming. And in July last year, I went hunting for them. It turned out they were sold in a nail salon five minute from my place, Vivd Nails. My precious NFU Oh's were there the whole time! And the week I found out about Vivid Nails and they had moved to another location! GUHHH! And I tried to order online from Vivid but the shipping costs confused me it looked like I was going to be paying $30 for one polish from a company that 20 mins away from me! That's just ludicrous! Plus I couldn't find any colours I liked. I couldn't find them anywhere else online that shipped to Australia. Then I saw that Fabulous Street shipped to Oz! Thank god! This NFU Oh 51 over Revlon Royal.

Oh I just love this polish! Both polishes! I love the multichromatic shimmer as well with the flakes. It just glows!

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