Thursday, 10 May 2012

Little Hell

Sorry it's been a while. I feel like every few weeks I go away and then pop back up again. Life got a little hectic. I started a new job (YAY for monies), which has been taken up most of my time. Since I take my photos during the day, I can't do that while I'm out working. It's so depressing because I've done so many good manicures since that I haven't been able to take photos of.

So last week I went to see my favourite band, City and Colour, twice. For those of you paying attention to the little playlists I have down the bottom of my posts, you'll know I am a huge fun of City and Colour and Alexisonfire. I'm pretty much a HUGE Dallas Green fan. That man is my hero. He is so talented and SUPER nice (met him last year). He has the best voice I have ever heard, will ever hear. Last Wednesday (not last night, week before) I was pretty much crying in my seat the whole time he was playing. It was really sort of a life changing show. One of those nights you look back in years to come and think if I have a time machine I'd go back to that night. I love shows like that. I think concerts and shows are the only time I feel I belong in this world. Not in a depressing way but more of a warm, confident "This is why I am here in this world". To absorb and reflect great music; and the honesty and community that comes with it. So after all this here is my post. I have been saving a special little manicure for about 2 months so that I could post it when I saw City and Colour. I entered this in More Nail Polish's Lynnderella competition (old, right?)

This is the album art for his latest record, Little Hell. What a great album. And seeing these song played live just made these song jump to life.  So in honour of this album I did my nails in Little Hell. 

I used a bobby pin as a dotting tool. I love how it turned out but, as you can see in the last photo you can see, it was lumpy as shit! Hahaha! I have no idea what colours I used, sorry. If you really want to know, tell me and I'll try to remember.

I honestly love this band so much and that show I went to was the best live performance I've ever been to. He played a fantastic setlist from each albums and finished with my all time favourite song, Hope For Now (WHAT A GREAT SONG, RIGHT?!?). What bands/artists make you feel like this? The kind of music that makes you smile and inspires you just by going to see them for one night, even if your life is a complete train wreck. If you listen to him or if you've never heard of City and Colour let me know what you think.

(My workmates think I talk about this band like I should a boyfriend. And it's so true.)

Currently Listening to: (one guess!!!) We Found Each Other In The Dark by City and Colour

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