Saturday, 12 May 2012


Hey guys,

So a few weeks ago I went my best friends 21st. I had such a good time. And I have such an intricate manicure. I wanted to match the pants I was wearing. I don't really do nail art that often. I very much like the simpleness of a classic red creme manicure but it was my best friends 21st so I had to bring my A game!

I started with one coat of Wet and Wild Black Creme, an opaque black but I'm not fan of the forumla. Too thick and the brush sucks. I then painted blobs of OPI Alpine Snow and triangles next to blobs as an underlay for the red and green.

The red is Nicole by OPI Kourt is Red-y for Pedi. I FINALLY HAVE IT YAY! Hahaha. Little side story. Been wanting it for months because Kourtney Kardashian created this colour to match her favourite lipstick YSL Le Orange, which is my favourite lipstick. It is the perfect balance of red and orange. So I have been dying to have this colour and for some reason the Kardashian Kolours didn't come to Oz until about two months ago and even then it was really hard to find. And I have no idea where to by Nicole by OPI online, all the place I shop either don't stock it or didn't have the K-Kolours. Anyway, the green is China Glaze Gaga for Green and Holly Day.

So after the white dried I use a small paint brush and applied the red and then mixed more white, swirling the two colours together.

Painted the greens on and TADA! Flower nails. I VERY much enjoyed wearing these flowers. Everyone was super impressed.

Oh here's a picture me in the pants! Incase you can't tell, I'm the one wearing pants. These are my high school friends, they are such a lovely bunch. We will be friends til death.

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  1. These look amazing! I suck at nail art, but I might just give this a go! And I LOVE your pants! Where did you get them?

  2. Thank you, it's dead easy! I got them from a shop called Cocolatte. It's like one of those cheapo store, so they were only $10.

  3. i love such vintage designs:)

  4. Very pretty design! Well done!