Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Red Red Red!

OMG They are getting rid of Ozotic 500 series! WHY!?! Multichromes, Elytra, Mish Mash and Holo all gone by July. BOOHOO. So I splurged on the all 3 Elytra. I'll probably buy a fair few Holos before they are discontinued. But to the post. The other day I saw a China Glaze polish that I never thought I'd get at my local wholesale store. I found China Gaze Ruby Pumps, from the Wizard of Oz collection released years ago, just sitting there next to a plain boring creme not releasing how special it is. It's so pretty.

This is seriously gorgeous polish. As you know I love my reds, this is just a classic sparkly-glittery red. I find it so beautiful.

I have a few special polishes to show you soon. I bought a few Nfu Oh (finally!!!). They are so pretty! And I bought some Cult Nails polish from the $5 sale over the weekend. I also got a new tattoo today. It's City and Colour related. I love it so much, it look incredible (hehe)!

Currently Listening to: Hope For Now By City and Colour

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