Thursday, 17 November 2011

Inglot 204 Alternative

Yesterday I wasn't happy with 204 over the navy so I swatched a couple of other colours and came up with this baby! It's OPI From A to Zurich. My favvvvvvooourite red. It so creamy, warm and berri-y. Ha!
It really bring out the iridescent shift of the flakes. Gorgeous purple, blurple (love that word!) and blue. It looks so royal and icy at the same time. I think the berrier your red is, the better 204 is going to look over it. It's a beautiful contrast. Subtle yet fancy. I just love it! Now this is worth $16 for an 8ml bottle. That's the down side.

I did ask the lady in the store why it only come in a teeny tiny bottle and this is what she said; "Because you don't use much of it." SERIOUSLY? You're going to say that to a nail polish addict? Just 'cause it's only for layering doesn't mean I want to run out of it in 6 months! HMPH!

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