Friday, 4 November 2011

OMG I forgot!

That last post I forgot to add who I was listening to the while I was writing the post. So here is something just a little bit special.

City and Colour with P!nk - What Makes A Man

Dallas Green, the singer and guitar of Alexisonfire (RIP, but always in my life) and current singer/guitarist of City and Colour. This man is my hero, my idol. He is the person I aspire to be. Down to earth, happy, modest, talent and honest. I had the pleasure of meeting him in April this year after his Melbourne show. It was cold and 1am, and he was tired and jetlagged He stayed for an hour to sign and take photos, and actually talk to us. He spoke to us, not like we were fans but we were new acquaintances. I respect him so much.

Anyway, this is him with P!nk, who I think has one of the most unique voices in the pop industry. I've always liked P!nk, and now I respect her taste in music!

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