Wednesday, 7 December 2011

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas Nails.

What a fabulous time of year. Always been my favourite time of year. Putting up the tree, shopping for gifts, hot weather, having holidays. It's just a fun time of year. Today I went out and bought half China Glaze's Let It Snow collection. Hahahahaa! At $6 each, it's not much of a big spend. I wanted kind of a Christmas explosion on my nails. So I started of with this.

This is China Glaze Poinsetta. I've wanted this ever since I saw the swatches last month. Soooo beautiful. But when I got home I realised it almost a dupe for China Glaze Scarlet, which is a tad more orange-y.

 Poinsetta has a gorgeous candy-red to it. I then added CG Twinkle Lights as an accent. I didn't like that polish when I saw it in swatches but now I LOVVVEEEE IT.

 Looks like Christmas threw up on my nails. Because I wanted to try all my polishes, this was just my left hand.

This is CG Holly-Day on my right hand. It was kind of hard for me to apply. Maybe 'cause I've only tried it on my right hand but it was really running and I either had too much or not enough polish on the brush. I've become quite a pro at painting my nails now so I can't blame it on my poor skills anymore. It's a shame 'cause it a GORGEOUS true green. I don't go crazy for greens but this was just too perfect and creamy to pass up. It was after I photographed this that I realise how much I loved Twinkle Lights and how amazing it would look by itself. That's tomorrow post.

I'm going to Sydney tomorrow for the Foo Fighter concert. But I'll make some delayed posts so I don't have a gap.

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