Friday, 9 December 2011

Glitter, glitter glitter!

Well, as you'd know by now, it's very rare for me to post a glitter mani. I don't do them often. But I do I like layering best. Which is exactly what I've done. You should also know that OPI Road House Blue is one of my favourite polishes, so I'm going to used it again. Because that's how much I love it.

This, my friends, is OPI RHB with OPI Last Friday Night. I HATEEEEDD LFN until I saw it over a black. I had only seen people wear it as is. It look hideous by it self. So sheer and see-through. Yuck! But on a dark polish. WOW! Great layering polish!

Bluey-jade micro glitter with small iridescent glitter. So pretty. Galaxy-ques. I then added Inglot 204, the blue flakies.

  It really lightens the mani up. Give's a bit of a highlight. Looks icy. Nice, Nice! I quite enjoyed wearing this mani. I will definitely wear it again, maybe for NYE. I need to find a blue creme the same colour as jelly base in LFN so I can wear the polish that's in the bottle!

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  1. I loved LFN at first sight, but seeing it by itself steered me away from it. Then I saw a post on Swatch and Learn about how to achieve the bottle color. Got the polishes, did the mani, and it's stillone of my favorite manis ever!