Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Short and Shaped.

OMG I love mah nails now, I don't even care that I lost a butt-crack load of length! And with this kind of mani they look even shorter. I still don't careeeee! Weeee! It really took some grinding, since I didn't use my pathetic excuse for a glass nail. But I just love them when they are all perfectly square. So this manicure is a somewhat failed manicure but I still really love it. I used to do this all the time and use a silver for the reverse tips, but I decided to give it a bit of a twist and use Hit Hefesto.  I have also been wanting to show you Essence Black is Back. It truly is a beautiful glossy black, the formula isn't great though. I think because it's suppose to be quick drying so it's got that QD thick formula and I'm nearly at the end of the bottle and it's extra thick, and a little un-manageable, no matter how much thinner I put in it!

 These were taken outside in overcast.

 And these were taken in the sun, you can see a little holographic effect. If you squint and look hard...

I call this a failure because you can barely see the holographic effect. However, I really like it. It's delicate whilst the black makes it bold. It's like I have a shimmery holographic peachy polish underneath. So I like it in those regards. But I was going for silver holographic. I guess Hefesto is too sheer for that  and I wasn't going to add a second coat of Hefesto and waste that teeny tiny bottle of rainbow for a manicure that was going to be covered by black.


  1. Cute. I read about your crappy cutex file. The manicare crystal file is decent so you could pick that one up if you see it on special at Priceline. Otherwise, probably cheaper to pick up an OPI crystal file on ebay.

    1. Thank you so much! I have been looking in Priceline at those Manicure glass fie wondering if they were the same crappyness as Cutex. I was thinking of picking up the Cult Nails file. I've heard loads of good things about tit and its only $12 (I dunno how much shipping is though)