Monday, 16 April 2012

First Outfit of the Day.

Why hello there. Outfit? This is a nail polish blog, you can't! Well I say, open your damn mind. Which is exactly what I have done. I am opening this blog to outfits and maybe make up, if I do anything special or worth while of bloggersphere. At the moment, my photography technique is quite shitty, actually. But I feel I have gotten better with my nails. I know not to take photo after the sun goes down. (which is... urm... exactly what I've done, oops!) and do it in a relatively nice and no-distractions background (double d'oh!). But since this is my first go, I might give myself a little break and never break those rules again. Also I took hideous mirror-myspace photos with flash reflection which I'm going to post so that in a few months time I can look back to my first OOTD post and say "Oooohhhhh, look how much I've improved." No duckface though, I did get something right.

One thing that is a theme throughout this blog, whether it be on my nails or clothes, is my love of bright, bold primary colours. I love wearing red, and black. I love black accessories. My style is, I guess what I would call, casual punk chic. I wear a lot of band t-shirts with jeans, styled with accessories and cute shoes. I love shoes!  So I feel this outfit today is a great representation of who I am and my style and personality.

So this is the outfit, and what I am wearing is a ridiculously cheap outfit. The beads along cost about as  much as the whole outfit. From head to toe, the leopard print collared 3/4 length over shirt was  something like $10 from Coco Latte. The shirt I am wearing is from a fabulous punk band called the Bronx, and if you're a regular reader you'll know I listen to that band so much. They are incredible live! I got the t-shirt from Soundwave last year for about $30. The jeans are Factory Spray On Jeans in red for $40.
This is my favourite part of the outfit. The shoes. They are London Rebel Leopard print Slip On's and they are to die for! Wicked comfy and I got them for $20! That outfit comes to a total of $100.

Now the beads. Oh, the Beads. They were a 21st gift to myself. I wore them on my 21st party and just about every day since. I love them to pieces. Mostly because they have little skulls on them! I'll wear anything with a skull on it! I bought these beads from Tilka for a whooping $70. Normally I don't buy costume jewelry that expensive as a rule because, well, it's costume jewelry and it doesn't last. But I loved them so much and wanted to spoil myself, and they looked super cool with my birthday outfit!

Then I wanted to see te different looks I could achieve with the red denim. This is a bit more a dressy look, say if I wanted to go to restaurant or something.

A hideous mirror shot. LOOK AT THAT FLASH! I promise to never do it again. But look how skinny I look! Hahaha!!! I have to say though. I have been looking at blogs like Vintage Or Tacky and Konadlicious lately and really admiring their courage. I don't necessarily have self-esteem issues but I do wish I was a lot skinner than I am and sometime it's stopped me from doing things that I want to do. But these girl aren't you're typical size 6 or 8, or whatever country you are from that means too skinny model, but they put themselves out there in front of the camera and show off their unique style for their followers or haters to judge. They both exude confidence and chrisma, and that is something that I want to work on starting with this OOTD thing!

Also go check out Konadlicious, she is having a wicked blog giveaway!

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  1. Looking good! I love your red jeans.
    hehehe thanks for the lack of duckface. You have such a beautiful smile :)

    1. Thank you so much! I hate duck face just as much as I hate fake tan!