Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Egg Day

Hey guys, how was your Easter Day? Mine was good when went down to the down where my Aunty has a beach house. We took my 18 month old cousin to the beach. It was ridiculously cute. He didn't like water, it was too cold. He is so sweet! He is beginning to talk and he doesn't say words like dog, ball or cat. He says phrases like "What is that?" and "Look at that!" THE CUTEST THING EVER! And he give great hi fives!

I didn't wear this for Easter, I didn't wear much for Easter. I wore Zoya Kieko, I was gunna put pastel dots on it but I run out of time. So this is Essence Black is Back with Nubar 2010, Inglot 203 and 204. YUM!

Excuse the hideous shape of my nails. This was just before I decided to chop then down last week. The idea I was going for was like rainbow of flakies. It'd didn't really turn out I thought but I still like them. I thought because of the colour shift with curvature of the nail, it would colour like rainbow but I don't think my nails are wide enough. I still like though!


  1. looks amazing! xx

  2. Amazing, I love it, kisses, RA

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