Monday, 2 April 2012

I'm On a Bit Of Layering Bender

When I wrote Bender in the title I said to out loud "Bender Bending Rodriguez" and rolling the R in Rodriguez. I love Bender (Futurama, anyone?). Anyway, I love and hate that Ozotic multichromes are fairly sheer. Great for layering but I'm sick of black undies! I thought I'd change it up a bit and use OPI Metallic 4 Life as well. So this is Essence Black is Back, Metallic 4 Life and Ozotic 504.

M4L is a really messy and clumpy polish. I'd love it to death if it was cleaner and smoother. Now I have to take my puppy for a walk because I mentioned the codeword for walk ie "Plonk" and now he is whinging. Hahaha I love him!

Currently Listening to: Towers (On My Way) by Young Guns


  1. oooh that looks good. I don't like to wear black, it doesn't suit my hands so I might have to try this. I have Metallic 4 Life but not 504, I'll try it with 505 :)

    1. Yeah do it! 505 will look just as great!