Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Such a fan of this. Especially with cremes. I love cremes, more than anything else. Took me a while to get into glitters and shimmers, but creme's... my polish soul-mates. So this one is made up of my favourite blues, OPI Road House Blues and OPI Alpine Snow.

I mixed the colours myself. I got the idea from Chalkboard Nails to mix my own colours. Because RHB is so dark I started with a palette of AS (the white) and added small amount of RHB and did my pinky's first, working my way up to the pointers. A handy tip, because this method does waste more nail polish than just painting you nails from the bottle; use nail polish thinner when your palette starts to dry. Thinner re-moistens it and you don't need to pour more polish onto your colour palette. It's really easy and I think it looks better when you've only got one hue and it really step down lighter (or darker, depending on your orginal colour) in shade, rather than trying to find 5 different hues in different shades.
Please excuse my bad photos, until I get a better camera I'm stick with over-exposed, blurry or grainy photos. Also note, this is what my nails look like when they are longer and shaped nicely. At the moment they short, short, short! Boo

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